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Beranda » Blog » Typical Karimunjawa Souvenir

Typical Karimunjawa Souvenir

Diposting pada 26 February 2021 oleh masafit / Dilihat: 666 kali

Visiting the Karimunjawa tourist area, is certainly a shame if you don’t bring a typical Karimunjawa souvenir. If you don’t know the reason, then this will be the right review for you. In the following reviews, there are some typical souvenirs from an area that is rich in the charm of its beautiful marine park tourism.

Rare wood

There are 3 types of rare wood that you can find in this Karimunjawa area, which are perfect for making a typical Karimunjawa souvenir, namely:

  1. Stigi wood, this one wooden souvenir, has herbal benefits, especially for treating some supernatural ailments. The older the wood is, the finer and stronger the wood fiber structure will be. Some people think that this wood has natural luck and fate.
  2. Dewandaru wood, this wood can be found in the form of prayer beads, bracelets, sticks or others. Just like before, this wood can also be used as medical and non-medical treatment.
  3. Kalimasada wood, the color is black, with a strong structure and looks elegant. You usually find this wood in the form of prayer beads, bracelets, necklaces, and others. Many people believe that this wood has its own spiritual power.
  4. Shell garnish

Apart from various wood crafts, there are also other Karimunjawa souvenirs, namely shellscraft. Although there are quite a lot of shell crafts, the typical Karimunjawa shell craft is a little different, of course when used as souvenirs. The beautiful shells that are widely scattered on the shoreline are collected by residents, which are then assembled into a beautiful shell decoration. You can find these souvenirs in the main square in the Karimunjawa area or in a souvenir shop. The collection of shell ornaments that you will get this time includes ashtrays, wall hangings, mirrors, table decorations, and others.

Karimunjawa T-shirt

One thing that is typical when buying souvenirs is t-shirts. Almost every tourist area has a different t-shirt design. This Karimujawa typical t-shirt, for example, has an attractive design, with attractive colors. What is clear, every t-shirt sold, will show the beauty of the natural panorama of Karimunjawa.

To buy this typical Karimunjawa souvenir, it is certainly not difficult, because there are almost every corner of the tourist location, including the town square. The sizes of t-shirts offered are quite diverse, ranging from small sizes to large sizes. Not only the t-shirts that you will find at this one souvenir seller, there are also other souvenirs, such as beach hats, and others. make sure you buy this one souvenir, considering that this is one of the typical souvenirs, which is able to identify the place directly, because there is Karimunjawa writing on the shirt to be purchased.

Karimunjawa salted fish

Given that Karimunjawa is an island that is certainly close to sea and beach locations, it is certain that the majority of its residents work as fishermen. Surely it is not surprising that in this place, you will also find various kinds of processed fish, especially preserved fish, such as salted fish. There will be quite a lot of processed salted fish that you will find in this place. Apart from buying salted fish from the traders, you can also see first hand how to process the salted fish, which is also done by local fishermen. Of course this will be a unique and fun experience.

Of course, now you are no longer confused in choosing and buying these typical Karimunjawa souvenirs. Surely you also know what kind of souvenirs are right for your beloved family or coworkers.

Typical Karimunjawa Souvenir

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Typical Karimunjawa Souvenir

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