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News - Piknik Karimunjawa Jepara


List of Winners of the Regent’s Cup 2021 Karimunjawa Fishing Competition

Diposting pada 31 March 2022

JEPARA – In October 2021, there were around 65 participants competing in a fishing competition in Karimunjawa. The Regent of Jepara opened and dispatched the 19th fishing competition participants in front of the Karimunjawa District Tourism House, Saturday (16/10/2021). Of... selengkapnya


Batik Karimunjawa as A Special Gift for Tourists

Diposting pada 30 October 2021

Karimunjawa batik was introduced to young people and residents of karimunjawa since 2010. And at that time it was still in pilot form as knick-knacks by karimunjawa. However, no one has been able to do this batik skill. So Amrih... selengkapnya


Typical Karimunjawa Souvenir

Diposting pada 26 February 2021

Visiting the Karimunjawa tourist area, is certainly a shame if you don’t bring a typical Karimunjawa souvenir. If you don’t know the reason, then this will be the right review for you. In the following reviews, there are some typical... selengkapnya


Gosong Island in Karimunjawa Jepara

Diposting pada 26 February 2021

Gosong Island is an island that is only a stretch of white sand in the middle of the sea and is uninhabited, there are 2 Gosong Island in Karimunjawa located to the east of Karimunjawa and to the west of... selengkapnya


11 Karimunjawa Islands Tourist Destinations as Recommendations to Visit

Diposting pada 4 December 2020

Karimunjawa Islands is one of the islands in the administrative area of Jepara Regency, Central Java. This area is popular with the charm of Marine Park tourism which attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. But not only marine parks, these... selengkapnya


UNESCO Listed Karimunjawa Jepara as Biosphere Reserve

Diposting pada 9 November 2020

MAB UNESCO programme added 25 sites to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. and now totally 714 biosphere reserves in 129 countries around the world. These additions have decide in MAB-ICC unesco at 28 October 2020. along with the extension... selengkapnya


The Beauty of The Exotic and Enchanting Karimunjawa Tourist Destinations

Diposting pada 1 November 2020

Jepara is a small city but has a variety of stunning tourist attractions. One of the tourist destinations that you must visit is Karimunjawa. Many say that Karimunjawa Island is not inferior to the Island of the Gods Bali, where... selengkapnya


Perjalanan Ke Karimunjawa

Diposting pada 22 July 2020

Perjalanan Ke Karimunjawa untuk ke pulau karimunjawa, Anda bisa melewati darat (dengan menyebrang) dan juga bisa melewati dengan udara (dengan pesawat). untuk melewati darat perlu dilakukan penyeberangan dari pelabuhan ke pelabuhan karimunjawa. Pelabuhan penyebrangan ini bisa dari pelabuhan Jepara, Kendal... selengkapnya